Slice of Life, Manchester, 24 September 2016

Slice of Life, Tim Loud, and special guests
11 Stevenson Square, Manchester M1 1DB
24 September 2016, doors 19:30
Advance tickets: £6.50 (plus booking fee), more OTD (capacity limited, please book early to ensure entry).

Legendary Crass frontman Steve Ignorant returns to Manchester for an intimate acoustic show at Kraak. Expect anecdotes and intense renditions of songs old and new.

Slice of Life - Middlesbrough - 3 September 2016

Slice of Life
Johnny Campbell
Tim Holehouse

Westgarth Club, 99 Southfield Road, Middlesbrough TS1 3EZ
3 September 2016
PNMT £8.00 on-the-door
[See Facebook event]

The Mob, Steve Lake (Zounds), A-Heads - Bristol, August 2016

The Mob
Steve Lake (Zounds)
21 August 2016 | Doors 18:00
The Plough Inn
223 Easton Road, Easton, BS5 0EG Bristol, United Kingdom
Facebook event listing.

Omega Tribe have announced, on a new Facebook page that the band has reformed, and the original members Hugh Vivian, Daryl Hardcastle and Sonny Flint are back together and in rehearsal. The band’s full statement reads as follows:

Omega Tribe was an English punk band, formed in Barnet in 1981. With the roles of Hugh Vivian on guitar and vocals, Daryl Hardcastle on bass, Pete Fender on guitar and Pete Shepherd on drums, their first EP, Angry Songs, was produced by Penny Rimbaud and Pete Fender for Crass Records in 1982.

Their subsequent LP, No Love Lost, (released by Corpus Christi Records, 1983) won the hearts of many hardened anarchos and secured their place in anarcho-punk history. A far more melodic style, encouraged by producer and new guitarist Pete Fender, created a highly influential template that many other bands were to build on.

They released a cassette only live release on BBP tapes in 1984.

In 1984 Sonny Flint joined on drums, and they took on a sax and flute player Jane Keay. Peter the original drummer switched to playing percussion.

Pete Fender departed early in 1984, after a memorable year for Omega Tribe. Line-up changes were fairly frequent after this period and a 12″ EP, “(It’s a) Hard Life”/”Young John”, was finally released in 1985 that showed a complete change of direction. By 1986, after the departure of vocalist and founder-member Hugh, the band was known simply as The Tribe. The band continued to maintain a presence on the UK live circuit for a further year or so but recording opportunity evaded them. Sonny Flint departed in 1987. The band split in 1988.

Omega Tribe reformed briefly to play guest spot at Vi Subversa’s 60th Birthday Bash at London’s Astoria 2 in June 1995. A short incognito tour under the name of Charlie showed promise, but the band’s members had other interests and the project was short-lived.

A compilation CD, Make Tea Not War, was released in 2000 on Rugger Bugger Records and a cut-down vinyl LP version was also pressed. Both albums quickly sold out.

Band members Hugh, Daryl and Sonny have reunited in August 2016 and are currently in rehearsals.

Omega Tribe 2016

UPDATE, 18 August: Despite the clear statement from the reforming Omega Tribe, some people have been asking Pete Fender if he is joining the reunion. Fender has reaffirmed that he is not part of the Omega Tribe reunion.

Omega Tribe have also been confirmed to be joining the bill of the next Another Winter of Discontent (AWOD) festival being held in London in February 2017. Details of their appearance to follow.

UPDATE, 19 August: Omega Tribe are now confirmed as joining the line-up for the ‘Vi Day‘ of the AWOD festival, alongside Dirt, Rubella Ballet, Hagar the Womb, Lost Cherrees and many other artists, on Sunday 19 February 2017. Tickets are on sale now.

Alastair Gordon’s new book Crass Reflections on Punk: Capitalism, Culture & Ideology is now available from the Active Distribution online shop. (This is the paperback printed version and not the limited edition version sold at the Leicester Crass Artwork Exhibition in June 2016).

Crass Reflections - Alistair Gordon

Alistair’s Gordon’s new book Crass Reflections on Punk: Capitalism, Culture & Ideology was launched at the Keep It Simple, Make It Fast conference in Porto, Portugal in July.

Jointly published by Active Distribution and Itchy Monkey Press, Crass Reflections is a revised and extended version of Gordon’s Throwing the Punk Rock Baby Out with the Bath Water: Crass and Punk Rock a Critical Appraisal, originally published in 1996. That text had its own origins in Gordon’s undergraduate thesis.

Crass Reflections revisits, revises and extends the text of Throwing the Punk Rock Baby and comes with a lengthy new scene-setting introduction by Gordon. The book has been designed by Russ Bestley, and includes a Foreword by Crass’s Penny Rimbaud.

This book comprises an undergraduate monograph an essays written in the mid 1990s. The central theme sets up and critically examines the need to examine the work of the anarchist punk band Crass in light of a poverty of discussion of their activities in previous cultural studies writings on punk. Equally, notions of endpoints in underground cultures are put to the question. The broad thesis of the monograph interrogates links between critical theory and Frankfurt school perspectives on art and subversive culture and Neo Marxist accounts of their phylogeny. There is critical discussion of the tension and similarities between Crass and Neo Marxist accounts of the role of dominant ideology (traditional notions of false consciousness/media effect) in contrast to the cultural monopoly of survival needs as the central motor of social reproduction in capitalist culture. The monograph concludes with a discussion of the importance of the legacy of Crass and the need for future research. This monograph was written before the groundswell of punk scholarship in its wake and serves as vindication of its obscure and early importance. It’s principle importance lies in the fact that most accounts beyond this work have focussed not on critical theory but instead on historical contextual salience, aesthetic value and biographical detail.

This new edition comprises a new extensive introduction assessing methodological approaches in punk scholarship and examines the stormy DiY publication and contextual history of the original monograph. Moreover expanded versions of an original chapter is included in addition to essays on subversive culture, the 1982 Falklands conflict and an examination of philosophical approaches to repressive technologies.

As preparations for the upcoming “exhibition, gigs & talks celebrating seminal label & shop Small Wonder” continue apace, organisers have released a video clip from the BBC Oxford Roadshow featuring an ‘at home’ interview with Poison Girls from 1982.

“You have to start off by taking a grasp of yourself. The process that we’re all brought up in tends to murder the imagination and that’s a good place to start… reclaim your imagination and reclaim yourself” Vi Subversa

Oxford Roadshow visit Poison Girls (Vi Subversa, Richard Famous & Lance D’Boyle) and hear how they retain control of every element of the group from design, packaging and their live shows.

Poison Girls released “Piano Lessons/Closed shop” and the Hex EP on ‪#‎SmallWonderRecords‬ in 1979 (WEENY 3 & WEENY 4) in conjuction with their own label X-N-Trix Records.

The Small Wonder exhibition opens this September in Hoe Street, Walthamstow along with talks and gigs.
‪#‎PoisonGirls‬ ‪#‎Punk‬ ‪#‎RejectTheSystem‬ ‪#‎ViSubversa‬


Details of the events (scheduled to take place in September 2016) will be shared through the Small Wonder Records – exhibition, gig and talks Facebook page. The organisers are also keen for input from supporters of the label and the shop:

Have you got any Small Wonder memorabilia, posters, tickets, cuttings or records we could loan for the duration of the exhibition? We’d also like to hear your memories of visiting Small Wonder, Pete, Mari, Colin and the music they released and sold. The Small Wonder Records exhibition is part of Punk Waltham Forest – run and organised by Beatroots Creative.

Steve Ignorant

Steve Ignorant appears as a guest on this morning’s (23 July 2016) Saturday Live show, on BBC Radio 4 (09:00-10:30); an edition broadcast live from the Pavilion Theatre at the end of Cromer Pier in Norfolk. The guest line-up includes:

Lesley Garrett, one of Britain’s most popular sopranos, actor and writer Charlie Higson who found fame with the Fast Show, the double bass playing beatboxer Bellatrix and Steve Ignorant, lead singer of seminal punk band Crass, who became a Norfolk lifeboat man and part time Punch and Judy performer.

The show is currently available (in the UK) to stream online from the BBC Radio iPlayer service: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b07kldht


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