Re/Search publications are to publish a new pocketbook collection of interviews with Crass co-founder Penny Rimbaud. The publication date is listed as 16 December 2014 on some sites; but the item is currently available for order from the Re/Search web shop.

Penny Rimbaud is probably most famous as the drummer, songwriter and philosopher-founder of the proto-punk band Crass (1976-1984), which in a pioneering DIY spirit produced their own vinyl LPs which included dazzling poster-size artworks by Gee Vaucher (plus lyrics, essays) hand-inserted into plastic sleeves. The listener had a lot to look at while hearing the record! After-Crass, Penny has written poetry, journals, prose, produced drawings, lectured, read poems aloud and done musical performances (with Japanther, jazz musicians) in Europe, London and at City Lights Bookstore and Emerald Tablet in San Francisco.

RE/SEARCH - Interviews with Penny Rimbaud by V Vale

Penny Rimbaud [interviews by V. Vale] (Re/Search publications: San Francisco, 2014). ISBN-10: 1889307416; ISBN-13: 978-1889307411. 4×6″. 184 pages. A Re/Search Pocketbook.

The Where’s Wally? blog, which has been granted access to papers from the Dial House archive, has digitised and posted a press release discussing the death of Wally Hope authored by Penny Rimbaud in 1985.

The document comprises cut-and-pasted extracts from his ‘Last of the Hippies’ essay (included in the 1982 A Series of Shock Slogans and Mindless Token Tantrums book), prefaced by a short introduction by Rimbaud.

Sent to media outlets within weeks of the infamous Battle of the Beanfield (an orchestrated and vicious police assault on a group of travellers en route to Stonehenge in June 1985 which put paid to that year’s festival at the site), Rimbaud suggests:

In view of the confrontational and violent manner in which this year’s festival is being treated by the authorities, I thought it may be useful background to you to know of its equally violent origins.

Penny Rimbaud - Wally Hope - press release - 1985

Pete Fender (Fatal Microbes, Rubella Ballet, Omega Tribe) was interviewed for the Street Voice UK site earlier this month. Reflecting on his experience in the anarcho-punk movement, he recalls:

I grew up in the counter-culture, you know. Both of my parents were anarchists, long before I came along, they were activists in the fifties and sixties. The CND march from Aldermaston and all that. My dad was a conscientious objector, he had printed some leaflets and served time in prison for disaffecting the troops in the second world war. He went to prison again when I was about six years old for refusing to fill in the Census form… I was born into protest, really. I didn’t make a conscious effort towards anarcho-punk, it happened around me and I took part. There just wasn’t any question – it felt more like a sort of family loyalty than anything else.

Fatal Microbes - Violence Grows / Beautiful Pictures

As part of Post-Punk Then and Now, “a series of talks & film screenings exploring post-punk’s popular modernist search for the new from the 1970s to today”, artists Gee Vaucher and Laura Oldfield are in conversation with Mark Fisher on 13 November 2014.

Post-Punk Then and Now - Gee Vaucher, Laura Oldfield - November 2014

Gee Vaucher is an artist & writer whose work extends beyond her renowned association with the anarchist band Crass. Seeing her work as a tool for social change, she has worked in various media and is the author of Crass Art and Other Pre Post-Modernist Monsters (AK Press 1999) and Animal Rights (Exitstencil Books 2004).

Laura Oldfield is an artist & writer whose work is concerned with contested space, landscape, architecture and memory. She is the author of Savavage Messiah (Verso 2011). Her show Seroxat, Smirnoff, THC is currently at the Stanley Picker Gallery.

Gee and Laure will be in conversation with Mark Fisher (author of Capitalist Realism and Ghosts of My Life about politics, art and how the conditions for cultural production have shifted since the post-punk period.

This Post-Punk Then and Now event takes place in the Ian Gulland Lecture Theatre, Goldsmiths, University of London, New Cross, London SE14 6NW; are free to attend; begin at 17:00 and end at 19:00.

The re-issued vinyl versions of the classic Poison Girls 12″ 45rpm EP Hex and album Chappaquiddick Bridge (announced back in August 2014) are now available.

As the official Poison Girls site notes: “Originally released through Small Wonder/Xntrix and later pressings through Crass records, these seminal recordings are available for the first time since 1983.”

These new releases come in with a “sturdy gatefold cover” and, in the case of and album Chappaquiddick Bridge, the original accompanying flexi-disc has been updated to a new “a proper one-sided seven-inch vinyl”.

In the UK, both records are being sold and distributed through All The Madmen, Cargo UK, Rough Trade, La Vida Es Un Mus; in the Netherlands by Clearspot; in Germany by Bif Auf Messer and in France by Et Mon Cul C’est Du Tofu.

Both records can be bought from the web shop of the US record label Waterwing Records (Hex and Chappaquiddick Bridge); from the UK-based All the Madmen site (Hex and Chappaquiddick Bridge); and La Vida Es Un Mus (Hex and Chappaquiddick Bridge).

Poison Girls - Hex - 2014 re-issue

Little Annie (who performed as Annie Anxiety, and later as Annie Anxiety Bandez, in the 1980s and recorded for Crass Records, Corpus Christi and One Little Indian) has launched a funding campaign for her new album on the Pledge Music site. A wide variety of packages are available for pledging, beginning at £5 (for a digital download of the album), with the most expensive packages including dinner with Annie; an at-home live musical and poetry performance; and original Little Annie art. More than 100 pledges have already been registered, with just under 30% of the target reached so far. The pledge drive will run for a further 70 days from today.


For nearly three decades Little Annie has been a performer, a presence, a tiny bundle of incandescent wit and charisma. She’s been an art/no-wave terrorist, a ‘disco singer’ for the anarchist punk set, a dub diva/the grand duchess of On-U Sound, every-body’s favourite special guest star (a list of artists for whom she has done notable cameos would include ([Paul Wallfisch, Kid Congo Powers, Swans, Larsen, Baby Dee, Jah Wobble & Keith Levine, Marc Almond etc.]), and now a post-modern chanteuse. She has been an author, an actress, a painter, a raconteur, a bon vivant and an all around survivor… Annie remains – an ever more powerful presence.

She came of age at the perfect moment to be part of a gorgeous, gifted, tragic generation that was desperate for stimulation and reinvention.

She was one of those in the right place at the right time… – Robert Conroy New York City, 2009

And now? Annie’s ready to bring us a record inspired by determination, reinvention, the universal “school of hard knocks”, and moving into the now.

But of course, you have a part to play in this pilgrimage too.

There are a number of reasons for you to get involved in this project, from allowing Annie to bring you new material, to the myriad of rewards available to you for doing so. From downloads straight out of the vault, to much more personal and gratifying selections, your help will not only be infinitely appreciated, but you can cement your standing in a part of Annie’s history with other exclusives and opportunities

Many thanks to you for visiting this campaign – we look forward to working with you…

Steve Ignorant and Penny Rimbaud are appearing in separate sessions at the Louder than Words event, “a brand new genre-based literary Festival celebrating words – oral, written and published – associated with the music industry”, being held in Manchester between 14-16 November 2014. Louder Than Words includes: “‘in conversation with…’ sessions, panel discussions, interviews, workshops, performances and casual opportunities for engaging with associated professionals; each encouraging interaction and engagement with performers, authors, editors, publicists, reviewers, press, artists and aficionados.”

A number of other punk authors are appearing, including Viv Albertine and Jah Wobble. Weekend tickets, day tickets and tickets for individual sessions can all be purchased through the Louder than Words site.

Penny Rimbaud in conversation, 15 November, 1.45pm
Writer, poet, philosopher, painter, musician and activist Penny Rimbaud joins Louder’s John Robb in conversation. During this session Penny and John will explore the recent rewrite of the classic Crass album Yes Sir, I Will which Penny [says] gives the piece a more Taoist angle than its former anarchist stance.

Steve Ignorant – A Slice of Life, 15 November, 9.45pm
Steve Ignorant, co-founder of anarcho-punk band Crass joins Louder Than Words Festival line-up, sharing a Slice of Life that includes being a writer, wood sculptor, volunteer lifeboat man and a bit of Punch and Judy. Quite frankly, The Rest is Propaganda!

Steve Ignorant - Louder than Words

Penny Rimbaud - Louder than Words

UPDATE: There’s a preview of the event in The Quietus: John Robb. 2014. ‘Reading And Rioting: A Louder Than Words Walk Through’, The Quietus, 11 November http://thequietus.com/articles/16660-louder-than-words-walk-through.


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